The Journey.


"It all started selling hats on eBay out of my trunk 8 years ago. Then we've added a website, then expanded to amazon and now managing millions of dollars in online sales." 

When exiting high school and beginning college there was only much to do to make some money being a full time student. I decided to sell random things on eBay for friends.

Then, I stumbled upon a certain hat that looked appealing to me, so I contacted a wholesaler, bought a box, took photos, and sold them one by one. I began turning the trunk of my car into my office with label compartments, tape, poly bags, etc. which led me to devote more time to this selling things online gig. I realized that I had something here and wanted to expand. 

After joining the family business and adding many of the products in their collection to be sold on eBay, we then launched a website, and soon thereafter an Amazon store. This is when innovation began. With deadlines and quality control standards, we really needed to run a tight ship. So we did. 

Through networking and offering advice to friends, clients have asked us to run their e-Commerce operation for them. Creating websites, building categories, custom web design, photography, customer service, fulfillment is all part of our day to day operation. 

Let us help you take your business to the next level with e-commerce while you focus on what you do best.



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